For centuries, we have been creating unique pieces that are valued by people around the world. From the days our grandfathers were living in the heart of Anatolia, our family has been hand crafting jewelry. The story of civilizations' heritages passed through magical Cappadocia and reflected on our designs in jewelry since 1800s. We are proud to carry on their legacy, as we create timeless and beautiful pieces for you to cherish for generations.

Our collection is inspired by nature's beauty. We use real diamonds and 14k solid gold to craft each piece of jewelry and make sure it looks splendid. Our designs are inspired by nature and take inspiration from the world around us.

Our goal is simple: To provide you with a wide range of beautiful jewelry at affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy it!

JCarat is founded by the newest generation of our family in New York City and a completely women owned business.

JCarat Designed in New York City

Designed in New York City

We believe in supporting local designers and artisans. All of our jewelry is designed in New York City by local artists and craftspeople.

We love bringing these talented people together and sharing their work! Our products are designed to last a lifetime.

We only use 14k solid gold and real diamonds to create our products with world class craftsmanship.

We started out with the idea that you should be able to find amazing pieces of jewelry at an affordable price.

We wanted to create something that was special, but also affordable enough that everyone could enjoy it.

We believe everyone deserves to feel their best, and we're here to help you do that with our gorgeous jewelry!

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